Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Quick, while I have time....

  1. So after I got over the shock of being laid off I decided to get some stuff done.
  2. 1. I made a quilt for Cara's baby. My most favorite to do for baby girls. I need to post this one on my quilt blog cause it represents several quilts I have made for baby girls.

I love repro fabrics.

Garrick turned 13. So I practiced on his b-day cake using fondant. Not my favorite. I apologized to Garrick for the juvenile looking cake. I was practicing because I was gonna make a cake for my niece Ali's bridal shower. Fondant still not my fav, but I did like modeling chocolate. I'll will stick to frosting for decorating.

Garrick looking good on his bday.
The dress skirt was fondant it worked pretty good.

So I was at a quilt store and saw this quilt pattern I loved it. You are to use repro fabrics which are my favs. So I actually came right home and started on it. Here are few of the ones I have done so far. I have 27 done, it needs 30, but I'm gonna make 42 so the quilt will fit on my bed.

Lots of geometric stuff but it is quite easy.

Close up of one of the fabrics I'm using. I love the elephants on it.

So since I'm back to work, ugh, I'm limited on my time for quilting and blogging.


  1. Oh my goodness! I love the quilt you made for Cara and the one you are making. I love repro fabric too. Where are you working now? How sweet of you to make a cake for Ali!

  2. haha, i love ali's cake. looks just like her :).

    when i opened your blog i thought... hey that is cailin's quilt. so so cute.

  3. The cake turned out great! You did an awesome job!!

    I love the new quilt design!! Can't wait to see the finished product!!!

    Hope the new job is going well!!

    love ya!!!

  4. you are so talented Gaye, YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN A DESIGNER!