Friday, July 30, 2010

My New Fav Thing

I am having lots of fun making these pot holders. They are stinking easy to make and they work really good. I have been collecting this chicken fabric for quite some time.

Close up.

This fabric is some old time kitchen fabric I have had around for awhile. I am going to make a quilt table cloth out of it. I love it for pot holders to.


  1. very very very cute. looks just like anthropologie... which is super hip... ergo de facto you're super hip. (haha, sorry paul is helping me with this comment and making me write silly like ergo de facto... who says that?)

    but seriously love them. i have scraps, maybe i'll copy and make some cute pot holders too.

  2. "Sew" cute! Hope I snag one of those this evening!

  3. oh, i love the cute cherry ones!

  4. thanks for your nice comment. i'm glad you love pictures of my baby :). i'll keep them coming. speaking of which... you haven't updated in a while. :).