Monday, July 26, 2010

I am thankful for..........

So I explained on my other blog that this week I was going to be grateful for everything in my life. So the first easy thing to be grateful for is my obsessive need to make and create things. I saw this little pillow thing in a magazine and I loved it. So I made my own pattern and embroidered the picture and saying and made a little hangy thing.

I am also grateful for my strawberry patch in my back yard. Now, most people who know me know that I don't really like the whole garden green thumb thing. I got these 6 strawberry starts the first spring we moved in to our house. My sister Candy basically made me plant them. And now 5 years later I have a beautiful patch of strawberry plants. And every time I go in my back yard I am reminded of my sister and her memory and her love of plants.

They have taken a hard hit the last week because Steve was gone to California and there was no one here to remember to water them. I am thankful for a husband who automatically takes care of the yard so that I don't have to.

Side note I am not grateful to the annoying wasp that stung me in the ear this morning when I went out into the yard....yah, it's gonna take a while to be thankful for everything.

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  1. Stung on the ear? How wretched! So sorry! I love the strawberry plants and that they remind you of Aunt Candy.