Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Weegan is called on a Mission to England

So freaking cute!!!!!!!!!

So Keagan got his call to serve in the Leeds England Mission. He leaves on December 3rd. We have plenty of time to get stuff together and Keag has lots of time to prepare. I was looking through some old photos of the family and saw all these pics of Keag. They bring back such good memories of life with weegie.

He was so bright eyed when he was little.

Steph always touched his forehead.

He seemed so fragile.

One of my favorite pictures of Keagan and his dad.

I actually found several pics of Keagan riding a horse. I didn't think we did that very much.

We didn't know what a goof ball he would grow up to be. He has a keen sense of humor.

Once he ran away to the big street behind us in Corcoran. The cops brought him home. Ya on his big wheel.

First day of school Kindergarten

Still looking innocent. Who knew the kid who only ate potatoes and weighed 50 pounds till he was ten would grow to be 6 foot 5.


  1. Congratulations!!! What great photos! I love the one of him with Grandpa Edwards.

  2. I am so stinking excited for Keagan! I think it's fantastic!!

    Who knew he'd be that tall. I remember going through a Taco Bell drive through and you having to order a crispy taco with nothing else but cheese in it. The lady was just so confused!!! Good times!!

  3. He better go to a futbol game while he's in England! I'm super jealous he gets to go there :D

  4. We are so proud of Keagan. Congratulations, you will make a great missionary!!! Gaye I love the pic's, especially the one of Dad and Keagan.
    Life I love it and the season for you, you will be so blessed,

  5. Hello, My son is also serving in the Leeds England Mission. In fact, I think our sons live in the same flat in Sheffield! I found your blog while searching for "stuff" about the England Leeds Mission. So anyway, I thought it would be fun to let you know. Please contact me if you want. You can find me on facebook, or google me.