Monday, April 20, 2009

more and more

Richards and Kyle at Grandma Edwards house in Squaw Valley

Grandma at our house in Corcoran helping dye Easter eggs.

Hilliards and the Perkins at the Edwards in Ridgecrest Ca, this is Kyles 1st Easter 1989

Here we are. I sometimes wish I could go back and start over. Little kids are so amazing
Keagan digging his very own found egg


  1. Looking at the photo of Easter in Ridgcrest I can totally remember that living room that GandG Edwards had. I spent a few summers there.

  2. How cute is little Keagan? How sweet! It's true, little kids are amazing, I'm so lucky to have two wonderfully charming ones.

  3. Hey lady! Hubs, The Deuce and I will be in Utah from May 9th to May 16th. We'd love to see Stephanie! Has she even seen my baby babes????