Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Damon Barrett Edwards Jr.

So tomarrow is my dads birthday. I wanted to show some pics and share some thoughts about him. When we found out he was dying of cancer my brother said to me that he was sad for me because I didn't get to be around him as long as everyone else because I was the youngest. I've thought about this off and on since. I might have been short changed in length of time spent with my father but certainly not in the quality of time. My dad took me fishing countless times, he caught the ball while I practiced pitching, he helped with lizards, snakes, he taught me to use power tools. He was in my life a concentrated amount of time. He build an addition to my house. Steve and my dad worked together on construction clean-up. My children new him and loved him. We went to the beach, to Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, camping, to Utah all the time. The kids shot guns with him, played pool with, fed the horses. My mom and dad were with us on every holiday from Halloween to Easter. We are lucky to have known him.

Alice Clay dads mom.

My dad at bout 8 years old with his twin brother Raymond. Dad reminds me so much of Barry in this picture.


  1. Hey, could I get a copy of that twin photo? I'd love to hang it in the nursery so The Deuce can see that their grandpa was also a twin. I can see grandpa in Barry AND Beckham!

  2. Thanks so much for putting up such a wonderful tribute to Grandpa. I love all the pictures!

  3. I miss him, but I am grateful for every minute I got to spend with him. Thanks for putting these pictures up... It is fun to remember what a great man he was

  4. Thanks Gaye. Why do times have to be so hard...we miss dad a lot and often are reminded of him by the things we see around us. Especially at spring time because he loved to garden so much. I am reminded of all the tulips he planted in Squaw Valley. He was always willing to share his talents with his family. I remember when he tore up my awful bathroom on 5th North in Provo and made it into a decent place. We had concrete everywhere. He certainly was not afraid to get his hands dirty.
    By the way, thanks for the nice comment on Jessica's blog. We all want to feel and look young. Penny

  5. What a great tribute. You were certainly very lucky to have lived so close and to do so many things with him. I wish I could have lived closer to him to enjoy his many talents, especially the cooking and gardening.

    I miss him too!!! He was always so cheery and willing to laugh!!!