Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day to my husband Steve

FATHER'S DAY 2009, unmarried kids came home for fam, fun, and food. Pretty good pic except I don't know what Keegs doing, its not like he can hide.
Steve when we were first married. I'm pretty sure he didn't know he would end up with six kids.
Steve with Garrick taking him snowboarding, always holding Steph, KYle still likes his naps as much as his dad, Steve showing Keagan the Lion at the zoo.
The whole amily in Alabama a few years ago. Tye, Haley, Zach, Steph holding Wyatt, Garrick, Kyle, Keagan, STeve, Jer, Eli, Amber, Lindsey and Gaye.
Little did we know we would be adding another child in the next few years.

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