Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy 50th to Mel

Well it's Mels 50th today kinda interesting that her mile stone b-day is the same year as a mile stone b-day for ali, just saying....
So I wanted to wish Melodie a happy birthday. I’m excited to be able to reach out from my blog. What a wonderful thing to have. Who would have guessed that Mel would end up being a great sister and my friend. She was always patient with me growing up. Me being 31/2 years younger we really didn’t have that much going on. Since she married while I was still in high school who would have known we would have raised our kids together. I remember New Years Eve Parties done together, trips to Utah, camping, canning, 4th of July"s, Bishop's summer program, and now especially our shared interests in quilting. I am especially grateful for her and Steve taking care of Stephanie for the last 4 years. So to Mel, Happy Birthday!

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