Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Customer Surveys

O.K. I work for a propane company which supplies fuel to commercial and residential customers in a limited area. Right now we have sent out surveys to customers to help improve our service and to get a feel for how we are doing as a company. This was brought on by the owners own brother starting up a new propane company and trying to steal customers by lying and manipulating and installing sub standard equipment at a lower price. So basically the fun part of our day right now is opening and reading these returned surveys. There are about 45 per day so far, we all stand around and wait to see what comments are made. So I thought Iwould share a few of the comments we have recieved. For the most part good reviews. Customers answer on a scale from 1 to 5

Question: The people who answer the phones are polite and courteous. (this is my job)
Various answers: Very rude you could improve your service by getting new office help (ouch)
Very polite, they are my friends (love her)
Question: Driver is proffessional when entering my property.
Answer: The driver is lazy he won't crawl thru our fence to reach the tank.(REALLY)
Your diver is not allowed on our property.(they must not like to pay their bill)

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