Sunday, January 29, 2012

The sewing condition....

Sew I decided to kinda clean up my sewing area in the basement.
Here are some before pictures : Stephanie had been occupying the larger room, but she actually has an apartment so we decided to move the sewing to the big room to give me more space for my new Babylock Ellisimo embroidery machine and also so my HQ long arm would have room too! BeforeAnd before
After only 3 hours work because thats about as long as I had. I managed to at least pick things up and throw trash away. Next I will try to organize. Cause you can't do both at the same time it is just to overwhelming.
The photos wer an after thought and taken on Garricks old iphone.
Much better
And better.


  1. It always taking making a bigger mess before you can get organized. Good job! I can't wait to come and see how good it looks!

  2. Amazing! Puts my two boxes of material to shame! Not to mention my little Brother sewing machine!