Monday, November 21, 2011

It has taken over 6 years........but finally

So it has taken forever to choose window treatments for the family room. Awhile ago I was at IKEA and found some sheers that seemed right. They were simple and light with a cute little design on it. I had five windows to cover and weird ones with arches and stuff. So, on a design show they said to start at the top of the arch and match that with the other windows. Made sense so thats what I did. Then, we got this fabric in at the store that just made me happy. It makes my heart sing. I bought some coordinates to make some pillows and maybe a throw quilt.
I love how the embroidery design at the top of the sheer reflects the fabric and in just the right colors. I love love love it.
I couldn't have done any better if I had planned it. I LOVE FABRIC.


  1. When I am rich I will have a room of fabric just because I like to look at it. Then maybe I will find ways to use it. And maybe not.
    Very cute. I love it!

  2. such a fan of bright colors. love it all!

  3. The curtains look AMAZING!! You are one talented woman!! I can't wait to see what the throw looks like. Knowing you, you'll have it knocked out in a simple hour!!

    Love ya!!!