Saturday, July 2, 2011

So I got a little sun kissed

So we went to Utah Lake to join Kyle and Shay to play with their jet skis.
I got a little red and I really didn't think I was in the sun that much.
Steph came. Shay and her had a great time hoggin the machines
Garrick had fun too, even though he forgot his phone in his pocket and it got wet.
Steve even had a great time. He held down the fort and visited with Shays dad, Greg
Alex and Jodi, my nephew and his new wife joined us. It was great to see them.
Alex looking very... what ever.
Shay pulling Kyle. I was on the inner tube for awhile. OMG can I say I felt beat up. My armpit hairs hurt. After 5 minutes (probably really just two) I was done. Then Shay stopped and I got dumped and then had to be pulled back in to dock. Im pretty sure I am not going to be able to blow dry my hair tomorrow. My arms and shoulders are so wrenched(good thing I have been humping bolts of fabric for the last 6 months and have a little muscle). But I will do it again.
Just Kyle cause he is such a good kid.