Thursday, May 20, 2010

sAN dIeGO AND PriCe Line

So we went to San Diego for a long week-end. Love, love priceline. 4 Star hotel on the waterfront for $86.00 a night. I had to take a pic. The kids stayed with freinds and were complaining we should have gotten 2 rooms when they saw the place.
Fun BBQ place across from our hotel. The hot links about killed Steve they were so hot.
We took the transit to Old Towne and visited the Mormon Battalion Center. Very interesting. Only $5.00 all day pass.

So we went to a Mexican resuarant in El Cajon with some friends and these guys were hamming it up. And I totally uploaded this pic out of sequence.

This was were we stayed. So much fun. Had the best book store ever
Steve, me and Teresa
Al, Steve , Robert, and Keagan
Garrick, Steph and Ashley, under is Kyle, Shay and Keeg
Most of my pics of Seaworld were of the back of everyone.


  1. i also love love love priceline. it is awesome!!!! you are lucky... $86.00 at the beach??? wow! we usually get stuck staying somewhere in downtown san diego...

    also i love steph's hair.

  2. Wow!! Looking at the pictures sure brought back memories of when we lived in San Diego. Old Towne, such memories. Thanks for sharing.