Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to All

Charlotte Lee Edwards

I wanted to honor my mom Charlotte Lee Edwards this mothers day. First with some pictures of her when she was young and younger and some thoughts on how she was a good mom to me. I remember always being able to talk to her. She was patient with me and long suffering. She always had wonderful food for us. I was lucky because she sometimes worked at the grammar schools I went to so I got to see her during the day. She was quite forgiving.
She loved her children, then her g-children and then her gg-children.

She loved the beach. She didn't like to swim but made sure we all learned. She was always up for an adventure. Ready to go where ever we wanted to. Sadly she didin't get to go everywhere she would have liked before she died. I want to put a shout out to all those who mothered me.

Look at me. How cute, who wouldn't have wanted to mother me.

To My sisters whom I love very much and have been able to see them take care and love their children. They have been examples to me.
To Lottie who was my second mom and pretty much my best friend for many years, she loved me and my children and I love her.
To Gwen who shared her amazing sewing skills with me she is quite clever and creative.
To Penny who has always been there to talk to and keep your confidence.
To Sandy who is an example of happiness and friendliness.
To Mel who has always been a second mom to my kids, she is just nice.

To my sister Candy who sadly has passed on. She was smart, witty and friendly. She had an awareness of Jesus Christ that we could talk about. She accepted my faults. I miss her.

To my Sister-in-law Rolaine her insight to things always amazed me. I can always count on good conversation with her. I appreciate that.


  1. Thanks for making me cry!! Thank you for always posting about Grandma and Grandpa and reminding us how amazing they were and how blessed we are to have had them in our lives.

  2. Seriously, I'm in tears. Happy Mothers Day Aunt Gaye! I love you

  3. That was another great post with some GREAT photos. I love the one with all the sisters.

    What a great tribute. I've been blessed by all those women and consider myself lucky to be apart of this family!!!

  4. gaye! when you commented on my blog i couldn't link to yours, but then i found arika...then stephanie's...then yours...then everyones...

    i about died when i saw that picture of my dad a few posts down. haha, he still likes to pull that same face...he actually looks a lot like griffin there.

    great post. happy mothers late day!

  5. hey, just wanted to let you know, my blog has moved!
    it's at so make sure you update your links!

  6. You did have a good mom and now you are a good mom and one day Stephanie will be a good mom--I'm grateful for that continuation of motherly goodness. Thanks for YOUR example and for giving to your family so generously of your talents and endless creativity. I'm so glad I got to see you on Mother's Day!