Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Broken arm

I wanted to give tribute to Garrick who 10 days ago broke his arm during a ice hockey game. Well it wasnt like he got checked or anything graphic. He was just setting up for a face off and his skate got caught in a rut and down he went. (kinda like getting hurt during timeout in basketball) I didn't actually see it. I had gone out to the car to get something and when I came back in everyone was off the ice and there was a bunch of guys hunch over a player in the corner. I was like did someone get hurt and the lady standing there said yes but she didn't know how bad. They took the player off the ice. I am standing there and looking into the stands for Steve and I dont see him. Dah! It was Garrick. So he has a little cast on but the next week he was smashing his hand into the glove to play in the last tounament of the season, good kid.

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  1. Can't just sit and watch we have to being doing something!!! Good luck with the cast Garrick and heal quickly!!!